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  • VandiscXVLL


    Le VAN DISC, c'est deux jours de rencontre sur plus de 1500 m² au village de l’impressionnisme avec des disquaires venus de France, d’Angleterre, des Pays-bas, d’Allemagne, de Belgique... C'est le salon du disque incontournable des passionnés de musique. Venez rencontrer d'autres fondus, acheter, éc
  • Venyl Fiera Deldisco Venezia


    A record fair with a festive atmosphere. All kinds of music represented, in all formats and for all pockets. Bar with home-brewed beers, a pizzeria with local products and an osteria that offers organic meals of the Venetian tradition. This edition, the fair is on for two days, with an all night lon
  • Vinyl Is Back


    A repeating music festive event for all the music maniacs! 60 tables with records. The visitors’ entrance fee to “Vinyl is Back” event will be free. There will be an entrance fee ONLY if guests wish to visit the Hellenic Motor Museum on the upper floors of the building (3rd and 5th Floor)
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