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How to Browse and Search

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Discogs is organized around artists, labels, and releases.

An artist page lists all of the releases from that artist

A label page lists all of the releases from that label

A release page lists details of that release (year of release, tracklisting, etc).

You can explore the database in many ways from the Explore Page. Just choose an aspect you are interested in, and then start narrowing down the results.


Discogs allows and encourages the correct use of Unicode characters for data entry. Sometimes, your computer or browser will not be able to display these characters unless you have set up your computer to do so. For those that can't see some of the Unicode characters, this article describes what to do for most browsers and operating systems.


The search option is located in the upper left hand part of every Discogs page. Simply enter the word(s) you would like to search for and then hit return/enter on your keyboard. This will search all releases, artists, and labels.

The default search should be set to All / Everything, but notice that your search results include tabs for Release, Master Release, Artist, and Label. Select one of these tabs to narrow your search results to just that category.

To get to the Advanced Search, just start typing in the search bar and select Advanced Search from the drop down menu.


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