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Cartridge Stylus Alignment Protractor Adjustment Tool Phonograph Accessories

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Price: $ 14.99
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Product Description

Size : 15.5cm*3.5cm
Thickness : 3mm
Material : Acrylic
 How to use

1. Place the protractor on the turntable spindle.

2. Move the protractor and the arm so that the stylus is directly above point “A”.

3. Move the protractor until cross lines are parallel to the sides of the cartridge .

4. Repeat steps 2&3 above point “B”.

5.If the angle noted at point “B”is not the same as the angle at point “A”,
move the cartridge forward or backward and twist the cartridge to bring to the same angle at both “A”and “B”.
 Your cartridge alignment is now optimized for playing of standard 12" LP record. Enjoy the music!





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